Discover the ESF Operational programme 2014-2020

The ESF Operational programme 2014-2020 (ESF OP) of the Autonomous Province of Trento is the seven-year programming document which describes the priorities and the objectives of the activities to be implemented in the territory of the province of Trento with the co-financing of the European Social Fund in the period 2004-2020. In accordance with the EU Regulation 1303/2013, the ESF OP was drawn up by the Autonomous Province of Trento with the cooperation of the economic and social partners, and was approved by Decision C (2014) 9884 of the European Commission on 17 december 2014, then modified by Decision C (2018) 5292 of the European Commission on 2 august 2018 and by Decision C (2021) 184of the European Commission on 11 january 2021.

The ESF OP has a total amount of 126.437.354,00 euros. This amount is financed by the European Social Fund (50%), the Italian State (35%) and the Autonomous Province of Trento (15%).

The operations foreseen in the ESF OP are subdivided into 5 main priorities, called Axes, which correspond to the thematic objectives of the EU Regulation 1304/2013 and are related to the Europe 2020 Strategy and to the ESF priorities. Axes are subdivided into investment priorities and then into specific objectives.

People interested in one of the opportunities implemented within the ESF OP can consult the section "Opportunità per le persone".

The funding opportunities addressed to potential beneficiaries (public and private entities or enterprises) are included in the section "Area organismi pubblici e privati" - "Opportunità di finanziamento".